Berber pizza ( Medfouna ) Stuffed Berber Flat Bread

Berber Pizza Merzouga

This savory stuffed bread or “Berber pizza” takes its name from the town of Rissani in the Tafilalet region of Morocco, where it’s a traditional offering enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. As Rissani sits on the edge of the Sahara Desert, it’s not uncommon to find this bread baked in a sandpit. At home, of course, you’ll use a conventional oven.

The Medfouna ( Berber Pizza )

The word medfouna means “buried,” and here it refers to the delectable stuffing of meat, suet, herbs, and spices which are hidden within the bread crust. Hard-boiled egg and fried almonds are traditional but optional additions.

Berber Pizza Merzouga
Berber Pizza of Merzouga, Morocco

The recipe calls for either beef or lamb fillet, as a high-quality, tender meat is preferable. You can, however, replace half or more of the fillet with regular ground beef or lamb. I like the medfouna prepared with mild seasoning so the flavor of the meat is not overpowered, but you can make it zestier by adding the optional spices.

Berber Pizza Merzouga
Berber Pizza Merzouga

Berber Pizza Merzouga
Berber Pizza Merzouga

NOTE : ( Berber Pizza )

Note that the meat is used in raw form in the filling; don’t worry, it will cook while the bread bakes in the oven. It’s best to use fresh meat rather than frozen, to avoid the possibility of “watery” meat which will result in soggy bread.

Want to taste the Berber pizza?

Merzouga Desert is the best place where you can have a Berber pizza, and Merzouga also is the best place where you will see how they make it with a special Berber man. Book a Desert trip in Morocco and During the trip, you will have a wonderful experience and you will enjoy the specialties of the area, such as “Berber pizza,” Tajine, Berber salad, and a huge breakfast. Everything is included during the Morocco desert tours.

How to prepare the Berber Pizza?

In this video, we’ll show you how to prepare the Berber pizza, Abader or Medfouna in the local language.



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  1. I saw the program and found it beautiful. Today I prepared a stuffed bread in the oven though but it tasted great. Thank you, for both,


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